cha logo A Real-Time Audio Connection


Here it is...your connection to Boston, Asheville, Los Angeles or China to do that voice over or interview. No gates, no lines, no boarding pass necessary. Just come here and we'll get your voice there.

Our Telos Zephyr Xstream facilitates a “real time” audio connection via dedicated ISDN lines, linking our studio to other studios all over the world.

Recent visitors to the Cliff House Audio ISDN booth:

Katherine Paterson- An internationally known, award winning children's author (“Bridge to Tarabithia” “Bread & Roses, Too” “Come Sing, Jimmy Jo”).

Will Lyman- Host of the PBS news program “Frontline”, the voice of BMW, and an accomplished stage and screen actor.

Chris Cook- A voice you know from The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic and promos for ABC's “Nightly News with Charles Gibson”.

M.T. Anderson- The author of several books for children and young adults, including FEED, which was a Finalist for the National Book Award in 2002 and winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

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