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 Peter Bruce Wilder is a creative and technical consultant, responding to the diverse needs of the broadcast, education, communication and entertainment industries. A recipient of nine Emmy® nominations and four regional Emmy® Awards for original soundtrack composition for television, Peter has been in the forefront of music development and professional audio and commercial art for 25 years. He has served over 100 regional, national, and international clients, including multiple projects for the Walt Disney Company and PBS affiliates. Peter is also the founder of Ergo Communications.
Peter Bruce Wilder
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Colin McCaffrey Colin writes music for film, ballet, commercial jingles, and live theater. A composer and arranger as well as a studio musician, sound engineer, and producer; he appeared and played in Nora Jacobson's film Letters from my Mother's Early Lovers; as a member of the Clayfoot Strutters. He also wrote (with Pete Sutherland, Mark Roberts, and Jeremiah McLane), arranged, and recorded music for the 1999 Circus Smirkus production "The Adventures of Robin Hood" on the Epact Music label. This production was the focus of a British documentary film series entitled "Circus Kids" aired on the Disney Channel in summer 2000. Colin has produced 2 Award winning CDs of children's music with Re-Bop Records. Other production credits include Lewis Franco, Susannah Blachly, Allison Mann, Danny Fallon, Amy Floyd and more.
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Peter Engisch, owner and chief engineer, has been in the recording business for over 25 years, with equal time given to both stage and studio. Studio training was done at Philo Records/Earth Audio Techniques, Resolution Inc. (Vt.), and at Skyline Studios/Skyline Productions in New York City. He is also a professional pianist currently playing with contemporary jazz group "Picture This" (12 years).

Ad Astra Recording opened it doors in 1996. Ten plus years and hundreds of projects later, Ad Astra is busier than ever. Ad Astra grew out of a yearning to have a studio that provided a relaxed professional environment and at the same time provide a getaway for individuals and groups. Ad Astra Recording brings together creativity, technology and experience - 3 key ingredients to a great session.

Peter Engisch
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